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22 Things I DID Do This Year

Hello Everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long again. I’m hoping to try and schedule more blog posts and make it something more regular and constant. I’m going to put some sort of plan together and then let you know maybe next time. 

I finally turned 22 on Sunday! I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT I’M FEELING TWENTY TWOOO! Yeah that song was sung way too much on Sunday and post on every social media. Unfortunately I’ve failed to complete my list of 22 pretty simple things to do before I was 22. Instead I’ve compiled a list of 22 things that I DID do since turning 21 that I’m proud of or that were the happiest times of the year for me. I’m currently making a scrapbook of it all and then I’ll make a list of 23 things for the next year, this time I WILL complete the list as I’ll have a whole year this time. 

So here are the 22 things I did in my 22nd year. 
My 21st American Themed birthday party - June 2014 
I LOVE America and Orlando is pretty much my second home, I felt that turning 21 was a big thing and it was lovely having friends and family from different parts of my life and also having another reason to eat burgers and hot dogs!!
Leeds Fest for the day - August 2014
I’ve been to Leeds Fest for 3 weekends (2010, 11 and 12) and to be able to go back just for the day in my situation and manage to not collapse (there was a close call to going home) and last all day was incredible satisfying.

 Florida with my Auntie and cousins - September 2014 
We’ve never taken any of our family to our home in Orlando before and to be able to take my Auntie and Cousins and show them around and take them to Disney and Universal was so much fun! I didn’t want it to end although I think I’m still recovering nearly a year later! I also go to see the new Diagon Alley at Universal!

Seeing Ed Sheeran in Manchester - October 2014
As part of my 21st I got tickets to see Ed Sheeran. I’ve seen Ed in Orlando in House of Blues which if you don’t know is like a small venue that holds maybe 2000 people? But I love his new album and to go from small venues to arenas in like 2 years is amazing and to see him do everything just him on his own is amazing too.

Seeing Michael Buble in Leeds - December 2014
Also for my 21st (yes, I dragged it out) I got tickets to see Michael Buble and I just love him! His voice is amazing and also, he’s pretty funny in between songs. To see him at Christmas time was lovely too as his Christmas album is all I listen to at Christmas.

Harry Potter Tour in Watford - December 2014
I went with my mum to see the new Dark Arts section and Hogwarts in the snow, I just love that my brother also worked in the studios on ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ (If you haven’t seen it you really should!) I wanted something to do as I was getting fed up of not doing anything and I love everything behind the scenes and Harry Potter especially at Christmas.

Leeds Christmas Markets - December 2014
I FINALLY went to the German Christmas Markets in Leeds! I was a little let down with how small it was but it was such a lovely atmosphere around Christmas and it finally ticked that off something to do, maybe next year Manchester? Also I’d love to go somewhere like Paris or with family in Poland around Christmas.

Having surgery - January 2015
This isn’t something so happy but I was so proud of myself for going through with it. I didn’t get any answers and was treated pretty poorly by the staff there that it’s given me nightmares but I’m so proud I did it.

Nivea advert in Liverpool - January 2015
I went back to work! It was so fun and really good to meet new people again and make some new friends. I also love Liverpool and it even involved the three of the Liverpool football team.

Seeing Phoenix Nights  - January 2015
My idol is Peter Kay. Me and my friend Abi are completely obsessed and I don’t think we can go any conversation or contact without talking about Peter or making some joke or comment of his. It was so good to see Phoenix Nights back and it raised a hell of a lot of money for Red Nose Day!

Redecorate my room - February 2015
My illness means that I spend a lot of time in my room. I decided I fancied a change so gave my room a lick of paint and added some new decorations, all by my self. I was knackered after and ended up spending more time in bed because of it.

Swimming with Dolphins. - March 2015
It’s always been on my bucket list and finally me and mum went to Discovery Cove in Orlando as part of our holiday. I loved it and I’d do it all again, the only thing was that it was such a short ‘swim’ but it was so worth it.

Go to the beach for the day - March 2015
We went to Cocoa Beach in Florida this year and apart from the fact I hate the see, I just find it so itchy, I loved going. I love lying watching the sea, listening to music, reading and getting a tan. I just love the sun and that the beach was so clear and clean.

Face a fear - Florida Blizzard Beach slides - March 2015
As my brother had bad heat rash and my Dad wanted to go on the bigger slides at Blizard Beach I stepped up and went down them. I’ve never done them before not because of the height or speed I just always thought I’d end up with my back ripped to shreds or my bikini coming off. I loved one of them but the second one did scrape my back a little, maybe I’ll wear a top next time but I’ll be doing them again.

Vlog the whole of Florida - March 2015
The edit has taken me 3 months so far and I’m only 5 days into the trip but I did manage to Vlog the whole trip and there’s probably about 10 hours worth of footage. I don’t think I’ll upload it to YouTube, maybe a shortened version without me in a bikini but it’s so nice watching it all back and having them memories there, I’ll be definitely Vlogging more.

Blog the whole of ME Awareness week - May 2015
I set myself a challenge of blogging the whole 7 days and I managed it. It was tough trying to find things I hadn’t already talked about to do with M.E but I managed it and got some lovely feedback too.

Going to London and seeing 2 shows. - May 2015
My family went to London which I’ll do a review post on sometime soon and me and my mum went to see Les Miserables and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and besides some minor hiccups it was a success.

St Albans - Meeting Kellie Bright and Rosie Marcell - May 2015
After London we went to St Albans for the day which is one of my favourite places in England and in Jamie’s Italian my very cheeky and sly mother went up to Kellie and Rosie and asked for them to come speak to me which I didn’t know about until they did. They were both lovely and spoke to me a little about my illness and being an extra.

Driving to Haworth - June 2015
I’ve been wanting to for ages and I finally drove all the way there and back myself which was a big step for me to Haworth and spent the day there with my Dad.

Liverpool - Meeting Giovanna Fletcher - June 2015
I’ve been a fan of Gi’s books since Billy and Me came out and before I realised who she was related to. It was a little last minute but I found out she was doing a signing and Q&A thing in Liverpool so me and my mum got tickets and went shopping for the day and then had an evening in Waterstones listening to Gi with about 100 people or so and then get my books signed.

Watch my brother sing again - June 2015
My brother used to perform on his own in town a lot but he hasn’t been since like Christmas to focus on his voice more and writing and I finally saw him perform again the day before my birthday and I even have a band top too!

Have a family meal - June 2015
There’s been some rocky moments with my family at the moment health wise and I wanted to get everyone together again and focus on something nice and happy for a couple of hours so I got everyone to come out for a meal for my birthday which was lovely.

I hope no ones too disappointed or annoyed that I didn’t finish my list but I WILL definitely next year. 

I’ll post next time what my 23 things will be and I hope you’ll follow me along the way to completing them all.

See you soon
Take care


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