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30 Years of Mr and Mrs Spychalski

27.06.1987 - Mum and Dad's Wedding Day.

On the 27th of June 1987 was Pamela Robinson and Richard Spychalski's wedding day, soon to be my Mum and Dad. I wasn’t around 30 years ago. People still say it was the best wedding they’d ever been to, that's probably because of the free bottle of vodka they placed on every table.

Mum and Dad lets face it, the six years of marriage without me in it were pretty dull. I must have been the best anniversary gift you’ve ever received the day after your six year anniversary, I guess Dad was pleased he could save money on a gift that year, until he found out I was a girl and realised the small amount of money on a gift for mum is nothing compared to the money spent on a daughter for the rest of his life. You're welcome Dad.

If I’m honest I don’t know how they haven’t both packed up and moved away from me, together or not, although they are on holiday together this week, without me.

My Mum will be up all day and night if she could, researching everything to do with my illnesses, ordering tablets and home treatments, booking doctors and hospital appointments. She’ll make sure in the small hours I’m awake that I keep drinking, eating, taking my tablets, moving around and trying to keep some normality in my life. She’s probably loses out invites or times out with friends because of me but would never admit it to me. 

When Mums not looking after me, cleaning our own house, cooking for us and running her and Dad’s business, she’s helping her own Mum and Dad and In-Laws, cleaning their homes and going to their appointments too. There’s barely anytime left for herself, theres no wonder she falls asleep during the first 20 minutes of any film. 

My Dad. Who doesn't seem to know my Dad? When I leave the house with him there’s always someone he’ll bump into that he’ll know, even on holiday. He doesn't stop working or organising things to do with football, even when he’s home on a Sunday night and really should be ‘resting his eyes’ as he says. 

No price is ever too much for Dad when it comes to treatment or medication that could help me with my illnesses. He’ll take time off work to come to appointments when he can, theres that many though I think people at work might start to think he’s lying and going off to play golf instead. He’s always there for anyone of his friends and treats them like family especially if they’re ever having a tough time. 

I may have missed the first six years of their marriage but I’ve definitely made up for not being around back then. The last six years, when I should have been away at university and moving away from home and my parents, I’ve been closer to them than ever before. 

It’s been the worst years of my life, but my parents and my brother make me keep going and on days when I can’t, they carry me, literally. If they can survive through the last six year, it shows how strong they are individually, which only makes them even stronger together.

I barely ever hear them argue, unless its about dirty football kit.They’ll always try agree on a budget for Christmas presents, say they don’t really need or want anything then both go over budget and buy each other meaningful gifts like something they told the other about months ago. Talking of gifts, every Christmas, Anniversary and Valentines Day they’ll both at some point ask me if the other has already got them something and about how much should they spend. 

They always know when the others in a bad mood and warns me and my brother to stay clear and help them make tea. They’re both terrible with driving directions, Dad always has ‘shortcuts’ that are long and Mum will use a SatNav but won't listen to it.

There’s lots that not only I but everyone they know and love could say about them but then I might as well write a book but then that’ll only make they're heads grow and I can’t live with that. 

Thanks for being alright to live with for the past 24 years and not make me want to throw up or leave a room more than once a week. Your not a bad pair, I’d probably pick you in a line up, unless ‘Brangelina’ re-unite then sorry, cause money and all that.  

I love you both lots, thanks for everything.

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary Mum and Dad.

 Sometime before they were married, I think Mum's 21st?
02.10.2016 - Key West, Florida.
I don't know when this was but definitely sometime before kids.
 04.10.2013 - Mum's 50th Birthday
Sometime between 1987 and 1991 - Don't know when this is, they're on holiday and its before Alex was born.
13.10.2016 - Orlando Eye, Florida.
 Again, don't know when this was, maybe after they were married?
 Another holiday photo before kids.
 Sometime before kids again, maybe in France?
This is definitely before their wedding, they look about 20? I don't know, I wasn't born yet.


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