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Lovely Letters and Polaroid Pictures


Thank you for your lovely feed back so far with my blog. It’s been nearly a year since I started it and I’m so glad I’ve kept up with it, even if sometimes it has only been one post a month. 

I’m so happy I’ve managed to keep up with my goals too and I’ve started to become more independent and confident by simply changing my hair, having a weekly allowance to pay for everything besides food and just leaving the house more often, nearly daily and I have blogged more. I have been setting up my YouTube channel and planning ideas for videos so hopefully next week or the week after there will be something uploaded. Also as I said I wanted to plan more trips and holidays away I’ve off to Florida at the beginning of March with my family but me and my mum have decided to stay an extra week to relax after the madness of theme parks and the beach which is another goal ticked off! Unfortunately I’ve not been able to get up early every day, but lets say I have been out of bed more than in it recently but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I did however manage to get up early one day two weeks ago when I went back to filming for a day which I haven't done for ages. It was for a Nivea advert in Liverpool which I am now allowed to tell everyone as it’s been on TV. It involved the some of Liverpool football team which really impressed my Dad. You can see me, apart from the back of my head but it was so good to get back and feel like me again and meet some lovely new people. I may blog about a typical day of filming soon.

As I’ve left the house more I’ve been a typical girl and been shopping, ALOT. So I decided to treat myself, a little too much. I obviously bought lots of clothes, make-up and things to brighten up my bedroom as I spend way too much time in my room but…

I’ve ALWAYS wanted a polaroid camera and I was up late one night researching YouTube videos trying to get some inspiration for mine when I came across someone with an Instax Mini Camera. I love them and they come in some lovely pastel colours but then I found the Instax Mini Printer. It was nearly double the price of the camera but you get to use an App (Instax Share) which is a free download and you can print off any picture you want. I thought this was better value in the long run as it means you don’t have to carry a camera round with you as you can just take photos on a regular camera or your phone and then print them at home. With the camera you would have to print the photo you had taken. Also with the Printer you can edit your photos before you print them. I’ve gone a little mad and printed so many and ordering more and more shots to print even more! It’s a lovely way of showing your memories and I doubt I would have printed them otherwise. 

I’ve read ‘One Million Lovely Letters’ by Jodi Ann Bickley which I highly recommend!! Jodi also unfortunately suffers from M.E after being really ill and decided to start leaving little notes and messages for people in random places like on the bus for strangers to pick up and read. Then she started a project where people can email her to write to one of their friends or family to cheer them up or just to tell them something nice. I thought this was a lovely idea so I’ve also set myself a little project of writing to the people I love. I absolutely love getting someone in the mail, since my friends moved away for Uni or other adventures we’ve started writing little cards to each other. Its one of the best ways to cheer someone up, seeing something on the doormat for you to open and know someones thinking of you instantly makes me feel happier. So it may take a while but you may get a little card of happiness coming your way soon loved ones! If I don't send one it doesn't mean I don't love you. 

Let me know what you’d like to hear from me in future blog posts.
I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.



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