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I'm back from Orlando!

Hi Everyone!

I’m now back from Orlando. I was hoping to blog a little more whilst I was out there but I was so busy every day. Although I have managed to tick off a few of my 22 things to do before I’m 22 though;
1. Vlog Florida.
6. Swim with Dolphins.
15. Go to the beach for the day.
21. Face a fear.

I did manage to finally do something which I haven’t since we’ve been coming to Orlando 15 years ago and going to all the theme parks. I have no problem with roller coasters or any ride really but I’ve always avoided to bigger waterpark slides. I don't really know why, maybe because there just one steep drop, i have no idea. On Monday last week though we went to Blizzard Beach and my brother wasn’t feeling well so my Dad convinced me to go on the two bigger slides with him and I DID THEM!! I wasn’t so keen on the bigger of the two though, it felt like the skin on my back was being scraped off. It gave me such an adrenaline rush though. 
Thats why I love roller coasters so much. 

We’ve been so busy this holiday that the rest has taken a set back and I’ve been getting up pretty late and using the wheelchair a lot. Unfortunately this means I get all the sympathetic looks like I’m here for my last trip. It’s lovely that people are so nice apart from a handful which are so rude and just stupid. Also I hate how kids just stare at you like you’re some freak, so I’ve decided to give them nasty looks back and they soon look away. 
The worst part is the effect it has on everyone else me being in the chair. Someones having to push me around these parks or shopping malls and its just so tiring for them and frustrating getting around shops and small places, restaurants are the worst. I’ve tried leaving the chair at the ‘stroller park’ for a bit but theres only so many places you can leave it and only so long I can walk for, especially in the heat.

Hopefully I’ll be able to upload my Florida Vlogs soon but I wouldn’t hold your breath, it’ll probably be weeks before then, and thats if I dare to upload them. I never realised how strong my Yorkshire accent was until editing it all.

If I could I would live out in Orlando, everything seems so much better if only I could take all my friends and family then I would. Well, maybe not all of them. Hopefully though when I get back into everything over here in England I’ll be more motivated and completing that list of 22 things in no time! Theres not that long left!!

Take Care


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